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Version: 4.12.7

Deploying a test app on a physical Tizen device

Both the physical Tizen device as the development computer must be on the same network.


Tizen device

  • go to the home menu (home button) and navigate to apps. Launch it.
  • Use the 123-key (or numbers) to type 12345. A menu will prompt.
  • Enable Developer mode.
    • Type in the local IP-address of the laptop you want to deploy a build from. They must be on the same network.
    • Reboot Tizen device by long-pressing (about 2 seconds) the power button on the remote.

Set-up on development device

  • Go to Tizen Studio. Open Tools -> Device Manager.
  • Open Remote Device Manager (the icon with a pc and a smart tv)
    • Add Tizen device via its IP-address, connect and confirm
    • The Tizen IP-address can be found under Settings -> General -> Network -> Network Status -> IP Settings
    • Enable connection with remote device

Launching on a physical Tizen device

  • Ensure the connection is established. You can check this under Tools → Devices.
  • In Tizen Studio, click right on the project (under Project Explorer). Pick either "Run as" or "Debug as".