Interface CachingTaskParameters

Describes the configuration of a caching task.

interface CachingTaskParameters {
    amount: string | number;
    bandwidth?: number;
    expirationDate?: Date;


amount: string | number

The amount of data to cache for the given stream.


Possible formats:
- A number in seconds.
- A percentage string (XX%) for a proportion of the content duration.

bandwidth?: number

Upper bandwidth limit of the quality to cache.


- This will take the quality with the highest bandwidth that is lower than the specified bandwidth.
- It should be a value between zero and infinity.

Default Value


expirationDate?: Date

The expiration date of the cached data.


- Must be a date in the future.
- Data might be removed by the browser if it runs out of disk space.

Default Value

30 minutes after starting the caching task.