Interface ConaxDRMConfiguration

Describes the configuration of the Conax DRM integration.


example for DASH with Widevine and PlayReady

const dashDrmConfiguration = {
integration : 'conax',
token : 'yourConaxToken',
deviceId : 'YourConaxDeviceId'


Example for HLS

const hlsDrmConfiguration = {
integration : 'conax',
fairplay: {
certificateURL: 'yourConaxCertificateURL',
token : 'yourConaxToken',
deviceId : 'YourConaxDeviceId'
interface ConaxDRMConfiguration {
    aes128?: AES128KeySystemConfiguration;
    clearkey?: ClearkeyKeySystemConfiguration;
    deviceId?: string;
    fairplay?: FairPlayKeySystemConfiguration;
    integration: "conax";
    integrationParameters?: {
        [parameterName: string]: any;
    playready?: PlayReadyKeySystemConfiguration;
    preferredKeySystems?: string[];
    token?: string;
    widevine?: KeySystemConfiguration;

Hierarchy (view full)


The configuration of the AES key system.

The configuration of the ClearKey key system.

deviceId?: string

An optional identifier of the Conax Device used to configure the Conax Classic model.


- This id will be added to the OTT Account. This is done every time the video is started to simplify the example, adding the same device twice will not result in any changes.
- The portal will usually handle adding a device to an account.

The configuration of the FairPlay key system.

integration: "conax"

The identifier of the DRM integration.

integrationParameters?: {
    [parameterName: string]: any;

An object of key/value pairs which can be used to pass in specific parameters related to a source into a ContentProtectionIntegration.

Type declaration

  • [parameterName: string]: any

The configuration of the PlayReady key system.

preferredKeySystems?: string[]

An ordered list of URNs of key systems as specified by, or one of the following identifiers:

"widevine" alias for "urn:uuid:edef8ba9-79d6-4ace-a3c8-27dcd51d21ed" "fairplay" alias for "urn:uuid:94ce86fb-07bb-4b43-adb8-93d2fa968ca2" "playready" alias for "urn:uuid:9a04f079-9840-4286-ab92-e65be0885f95"

The first key system in this list which is supported on the given platform will be used for playback.

Default value is ['widevine', 'playready', 'fairplay'].

token?: string

An Optional Authorization Token used to configure the Conax Classic model.


- This token which will be attached to the license request (custom data) is retrieved.
- The token is valid for a limited time and can only be used once.
- Usually this will be a call to the portal that is integrated with Contego.

The configuration of the Widevine key system.