Interface ContentProtectionError

An error related to content protection.

interface ContentProtectionError {
    category: ErrorCategory;
    cause: undefined | Error;
    code: ContentProtectionErrorCode;
    response?: string;
    status?: number;
    statusText?: string;
    systemCode?: number;
    url?: string;

Hierarchy (view full)


category: ErrorCategory

An ErrorCategory that indicates the category of the error that has occurred.


- Equivalent to ErrorCategory.fromCode(error.code)

cause: undefined | Error

The underlying cause of this error, if known.

An ErrorCode that indicates the type of error that has occurred.

response?: string

The body contained in the HTTP response.

status?: number

The status code from the HTTP response.

statusText?: string

The status text from the HTTP response.

systemCode?: number

The internal error code from the CDM.

url?: string

The URL that was used in the request.