Interface ConvivaConfiguration

Describes the configuration of the Conviva integration.


- Available since v2.14.4.

interface ConvivaConfiguration {
    contentMetadata: ConvivaContentMetadata;
    customerKey: string;
    gatewayUrl?: string;
    heartbeatInterval?: number;
    integration: "conviva";
    manualSessionControl?: boolean;

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contentMetadata: ConvivaContentMetadata

The metadata which will be sent to Conviva.

customerKey: string

The customer key.

gatewayUrl?: string

The URL of your Conviva gateway.


- When not filled in, no gateway will be used.

heartbeatInterval?: number

The interval at which metrics are reported, in seconds.

integration: "conviva"

The identifier of the analytics integration.

manualSessionControl?: boolean

Whether the player should not handle sessions automatically.


- This should be used if you manually want to create and cleanup sessions.

Default Value