Interface DeviceBasedTitaniumDRMConfiguration

Describes the configuration of the Titanium DRM integration with device-based authentication.

interface DeviceBasedTitaniumDRMConfiguration {
    accountName: string;
    aes128?: AES128KeySystemConfiguration;
    authToken?: undefined;
    clearkey?: ClearkeyKeySystemConfiguration;
    customerName: string;
    fairplay?: FairPlayKeySystemConfiguration;
    friendlyName: string;
    integration: "titanium";
    integrationParameters?: {
        [parameterName: string]: any;
    playready?: PlayReadyKeySystemConfiguration;
    portalId: string;
    preferredKeySystems?: string[];
    version?: "2" | "3";
    widevine?: KeySystemConfiguration;

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accountName: string

The account name.

The configuration of the AES key system.

authToken?: undefined

The authentication token.


- This is a JSON web token provided by the Titanium Secure Token Server.

The configuration of the ClearKey key system.

customerName: string

The customer name.

The configuration of the FairPlay key system.

friendlyName: string

The friendly name of this customer.

integration: "titanium"

The identifier of the DRM integration.

integrationParameters?: {
    [parameterName: string]: any;

An object of key/value pairs which can be used to pass in specific parameters related to a source into a ContentProtectionIntegration.

Type declaration

  • [parameterName: string]: any

The configuration of the PlayReady key system.

portalId: string

The identifier of the portal.

preferredKeySystems?: string[]

An ordered list of URNs of key systems as specified by, or one of the following identifiers:

"widevine" alias for "urn:uuid:edef8ba9-79d6-4ace-a3c8-27dcd51d21ed" "fairplay" alias for "urn:uuid:94ce86fb-07bb-4b43-adb8-93d2fa968ca2" "playready" alias for "urn:uuid:9a04f079-9840-4286-ab92-e65be0885f95"

The first key system in this list which is supported on the given platform will be used for playback.

Default value is ['widevine', 'playready', 'fairplay'].

version?: "2" | "3"

The version of Titanium, represented by a value from the following list:
- '2'
- '3'


Only version 2 and 3 are supported.

Default Value


The configuration of the Widevine key system.