Interface FullscreenOptions

Options to control transitions to fullscreen mode.


- Available since v2.90.0.

interface FullscreenOptions {
    navigationUI?: "auto" | "show" | "hide";



navigationUI?: "auto" | "show" | "hide"

Whether to show navigation UI while in fullscreen.


On mobile devices, the platform may want to show a native on-screen navigation UI (such as a back button or home button) while the player is in fullscreen mode. This setting controls whether or not this should be shown:
- If set to "show", then the native navigation UI is preferred.
- If set to "hide", then more screen space for the player is preferred.
- If set to "auto", then the choice is left to the platform.

By default, the player prefers to hide the on-screen navigation UI, since it already provides its own "exit fullscreen" button on its control bar.

Default Value