Interface GoogleDAIVodConfiguration

Represents a configuration for server-side ad insertion with the Google DAI pre-integration for a VOD media stream.


- Available since v2.30.0.

interface GoogleDAIVodConfiguration {
    adTagParameters?: Record<string, string>;
    apiKey: string;
    authToken?: string;
    availabilityType: "vod";
    contentSourceID: string;
    integration: "google-dai";
    omidAccessModeRules?: Record<number, string>;
    streamActivityMonitorID?: string;
    videoID: string;

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adTagParameters?: Record<string, string>

The ad tag parameters added to stream request.


- Each entry contains the parameter name with associated value.

Valid parameters:
- Supply targeting parameters to your stream
- Override stream variant parameters

apiKey: string

The API key for the stream request.


- This key is used to verify applications that are attempting to access the content.
- This key is configured through the Google Ad Manager UI.

authToken?: string

The authorization token for the stream request.


- If present, this token is used instead of the API key for stricter content authorization.
- The publisher can control individual content streams authorizations based on this token.

availabilityType: "vod"

The type of the requested stream.

contentSourceID: string

The identifier for the publisher content for on-demand streams.


- The publisher content comes from a CMS.
- This property is required for on-demand streams.

integration: "google-dai"

The identifier for the SSAI pre-integration.

omidAccessModeRules?: Record<number, string>

Optional settings object for mapping verification vendors (google.ima.OmidVerificationVendor) to OMID Access Modes (google.ima.OmidAccessMode).

streamActivityMonitorID?: string

The identifier for a stream activity monitor session.

videoID: string

The identifier for the video content source for on-demand streams.


- This property is required for on-demand streams.