Interface HlsPlaybackConfiguration

Represents a configuration for controlling playback of an HLS stream.


- Available since v2.82.0.

interface HlsPlaybackConfiguration {
    delaySubtitlePreload?: boolean;
    discontinuityAlignment?: HlsDiscontinuityAlignment;


delaySubtitlePreload?: boolean

Flag for delaying preloading of subtitles until after video/audio for HLS streams, intended to be used for MediaTailor streams.

A bug on the MediaTailor server side is currently causing them to return manifests without ads if the subtitle request is handled before video/audio. Enabling this flag will cause the player to delay starting subtitle loading until after video/audio manifests have successfully been requested, in order to work around the issue.

Default Value


discontinuityAlignment?: HlsDiscontinuityAlignment

The strategy for aligning HLS discontinuities.

Default Value