Interface ID3CommercialFrame

Represents a commercial ID3 frame.

interface ID3CommercialFrame {
    contactURL: string;
    description: string;
    id: "COMR";
    nameOfSeller: string;
    pictureMimeType?: string;
    price: string;
    receivedAs: number;
    sellerLogo?: ArrayBuffer;
    validUntil: string;

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contactURL: string

The contact URL for the product.

description: string

The description of the product.

id: "COMR"

The identifier of the frame.

nameOfSeller: string

The name of the seller of the product.

pictureMimeType?: string

The mime type of the company logo.


- This mime type is applicable on the data in ID3CommercialFrame.sellerLogo.
- Only 'image/png' and 'image/jpeg' are allowed.

price: string

The price of the product.

receivedAs: number

The delivery method of the product, represented by a value from the following list:
- 0: Other
- 1: Standard CD album with other songs
- 2: Compressed audio on CD
- 3: File over the Internet
- 4: Stream over the Internet
- 5: As note sheets
- 6: As note sheets in a book with other sheets
- 7: Music on other media
- 8: Non-musical merchandise

sellerLogo?: ArrayBuffer

The data for the company logo.

validUntil: string

The expiration date of the offer.


- The format of this property is 'YYYYMMDD'