Interface LicenseResponse

The response of a license request.

interface LicenseResponse {
    body: Uint8Array;
    headers: {
        [headerName: string]: string;
    request: LicenseRequest;
    status: number;
    statusText: string;
    url: string;

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The body of the response.

headers: {
    [headerName: string]: string;

The HTTP headers as returned by the server.

Type declaration

  • [headerName: string]: string


- On web not all headers might be shown due to Cross Origin Resource Sharing restrictions.

The request for which the response is being returned.

status: number

The status code as returned in the HTTP response.

statusText: string

The status text as returned in the HTTP response.

url: string

The URL from which the response was returned. This might have been redirected transparently.