Interface Quality

Represents a quality of a media track.

interface Quality {
    available: boolean;
    averageBandwidth?: number;
    bandwidth: number;
    codecs: string;
    id: string;
    label: string;
    name: string;
    score: undefined | number;
    uid: number;
    addEventListener<TType>(type, listener): void;
    removeEventListener<TType>(type, listener): void;

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available: boolean

Whether the quality is available.


- A quality can be unavailable due to a DRM restriction (e.g. HDCP).

averageBandwidth?: number

The average bandwidth of the quality, in bits per second.

bandwidth: number

The required bandwidth for the quality, in bits per second.

codecs: string

The codecs of the quality.


- These are represented as a string containing the codecs as defined by the manifest.

id: string

The identifier for this quality. This identifier is tied to the stream's internal representation. It may be empty. For a unique id, use Quality.uid.

label: string

The label of the quality.

name: string

The name of the quality.

score: undefined | number

The HLS SCORE attribute.


- Available since v6.8.0.
- Only for HLS streams.

uid: number

The unique identifier for this quality.