Interface Representation

Represents a DASH representation.

interface Representation {
    audioSamplingRate: number | [number, number];
    bandwidth: number;
    frameRate: number;
    height: number;
    id: string;
    type: string;
    width: number;


audioSamplingRate: number | [number, number]

The audio sampling rate of the representation, in Hertz.


- Either a single value or a list of two values corresponding to the minimum and maximum sampling rate.

bandwidth: number

The required bandwidth for the representation, in bits per second.

frameRate: number

The framerate of the representation, in frames per seconds.

height: number

The video height of the representation, in pixels.

id: string

The identifier for the representation.

type: string

The type of the representation, represented by a value from the following list:
- 'audio'
- 'video'
- 'text'
- 'image'
- 'unknown'

width: number

The video width of the representation, in pixels.