Interface VerizonMediaAssetInfoResponse

Represents a Verizon Media Asset Info Response.


- See Asset Info.

interface VerizonMediaAssetInfoResponse {
    asset: string;
    audio_only: number;
    boundary_details: undefined | Boundary[];
    default_poster_url: string;
    desc: string;
    duration: number;
    error: number;
    external_id: string;
    is_ad: number;
    max_slice: number;
    meta: object;
    movie_rating: VerizonMediaAssetMovieRating;
    owner: string;
    poster_url: string;
    rates: number[];
    rating_flags: number;
    slice_dur: number;
    thumb_prefix: string;
    thumbs: ThumbnailResolution[];
    tv_rating: VerizonMediaAssetTvRating;


asset: string

The identifier of the asset.

audio_only: number

A flag indicating if the asset is audio only.

boundary_details: undefined | Boundary[]

List of objects which contain information for the boundaries for the asset.

default_poster_url: string

The default poster URL created for the asset.

desc: string

The description of the asset.

duration: number

The duration of the asset.

error: number

Whether an error occurred.


- False if 0, true otherwise.

external_id: string

The identifier of the external source.

is_ad: number

Whether the asset is an ad.


- False if 0, true otherwise

max_slice: number

The number of slices available for the asset.

meta: object

The metadata attached to the asset.


- Metadata may be added via the CMS.

The movie rating of the asset, represented by a value from the following list:
- -1: Not Available.
- 0: Not Applicable.
- 1: G.
- 2: PG.
- 3: PG-13.
- 4: R.
- 5: NC-17.
- 6: X.
- 7: Not Rated.

owner: string

The identifier of the owner.

poster_url: string

The poster URL of the asset.

rates: number[]

The available bitrates of the asset.

rating_flags: number

The ratings for the asset, as bitwise flags.


These available flags are the following:
- D: Drug-related themes are present
- V: Violence is present
- S: Sexual situations are present
- L: Adult Language is present

This number is a bitwise number to indicate if one or more of these values are present.
- [D][V][S][L] - 0: No rating flag.
- [D][V][S][L] - 1: Language flag.
- [D][V][S][L] - 2: Sex flag.
- [D][V][S][L] - 4: Violence flag.
- [D][V][S][L] - 8: Drugs flag.
- [D][V][S][L] - 15: All flags are on.

slice_dur: number

The average slice duration.

thumb_prefix: string

The prefix URL to the thumbnails.

List of thumbnail resolutions of the asset.

The tv-rating of the asset, represented by a value from the following list:
- -1: Not Available.
- 0: Not Rated.
- 1: TV-Y.
- 2: TV-Y7.
- 3: TV-G.
- 4: TV-PG.
- 5: TV-14.
- 6: TV-MA.
- 7: Not Rated.