Interface YouboraOptions

Describes the options of the Youbora integration.


The YouboraOptions object is a dictionary of Youbora options. The THEOplayer Youbora integration is built upon Youbora v6. For a detailed overview of all available properties, please consult the Youbora options documentation page: See Setting Youbora options

Make sure to load the Youbora library with the THEOplayer adapter before initializing the player with YouboraOptions See THEOplayer 2 v6

Note: the integration automatically tracks these content related properties:
- content.duration
- content.resource
- content.isLive
- content.rendition

Available since v2.21.2.

interface YouboraOptions {
    integration: "youbora";
    [key: string]: string | {
        [key: string]: string;

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[key: string]: string | {
    [key: string]: string;

An entry which contains a Youbora option with associated value.



integration: "youbora"

The identifier of the analytics integration.