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THEOplayer partners with Microsoft Azure Media Services

High quality adaptive streaming from Azure Media Services to all popular platforms and devices without any plug-in. 


THEOplayer and Microsoft Azure Media Services have partnered to leverage their combined expertise in order to simplify streaming to all popular devices and platforms. This partnership ensures that live and on-demand streams delivered from Azure Media Services in the Azure cloud playback smoothly in THEOplayer. By using THEOplayer, online publishers can simplify their end-end streaming workflows and offer an outstanding streaming experience to their viewers.

What does Azure Media Services offer?

Azure Media Services is a scalable and extensible media platform built on top of the Azure cloud. Azure Media Services offers a fast and easy way to build and deploy media workflows and distribute content to any device. It includes the following functionality:

> Microsoft or 3rd party components to upload, store, encode, protect, stream, distribute and playback content
> Highly scalable and secure live and on-demand streaming with dynamic packaging and dynamic encryption support
> Extensive device reach

What does THEOplayer provide?

> Fully HTML5-based cross-platform playback for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
> Support on all-popular desktop browsers, including older versions, without using Flash or other plugins
> Adaptive streaming on Mobile Web
> Cross-platform ID3 support
> Client-side ad-insertion support
> Playback of AES-128 encrypted content

Try out your HLS Stream from Azure with THEOplayer:

Player Stats

Player Properties

  • Amount Of Seconds Played: Unknown
  • Autoplay: Unknown
  • Current Buffer: Unknown
  • Current ReadyState: Unknown
  • Initial Start-up Time: Not Yet Started
  • Muted: Unknown
  • Paused: Unknown
  • PlayBackRate: Unknown
  • Seeking: Unknown
  • Volume: Unknown
  • Waiting: False

Casting Properties

  • Casting: No
  • Receiver name: -
  • State: unknown


Active Video Track

  • Active Representation: Unknown
  • Available qualities:
  • Label: Unknown

Active Audio Track

  • Active Representation: No Qualities Available
  • Available qualities:
  • Label: Unknown
  • Language:

Active Text Track

  • Label: Unknown
  • Language: Unknown

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