THEOplayer 3.0

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Michel Roofthooft - VP Engineering at THEO
Hileny Maduro - Product Manager at THEO





Discover the newest THEOplayer updates explained by THEO's experts.

Disrupting industry's video playback capabilities

We’re thrilled to announce a major version bump to THEOplayer 3.0, which officially releases all the developments and improvements we’ve done in the past few months. This new version is backward compatible for general use. We'll be sharing insights about:

  • Unified Android SDK
    • A single SDK for all Android devices, including mobile, Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes.
    • Support Widevine level 1 DRM encryption.

  • Package Managers
    • Automatic version management and time-to-live.
    • The modular development approach provides more flexibility to build connectors for other solutions. 

  • Smart TVs & Set-Top Boxes
    • Performant seamless multi-period DASH playback with and without DRM on Tizen and webOS supporting advanced SSAI use-cases.
    • Optimized performance on RDK and Android TV STBs. 

  • Hight Efficiency Streaming through HESP
    • Sub-Second Latency at scale.
    • Fast channel change, immediately at the live latency.

  • Low Latency
    • Support superior playback through LL-DASH and LL-HLS on all THEOplayer SDKs.
    • Proven end-to-end compatibility with other vendors.



Michel Roofthooft

VP Engineering, THEO Technologies

Leading our development teams. Michel is helping the technical teams to continuously push the boundaries of our product development, building great and quality products. With over 15yrs of experience working in high profile, high pressure and business-critical environments he's continuously challenging the status quo and looking for ways to make the online video better than broadcast.

Hileny Maduro

Product Manager at THEO Technologies

As part of the Product Management team, Hileny focuses on steering THEO's initiatives towards sustainable, scaleable and reliable video streaming solutions that deliver significant value to our customers. She works closely with THEO’s customers and engineers in order to identify innovations that will evolutionize the full product ranges of THEO.