The API for advertisements.


- Integrates with 'theo', 'google-ima', 'google-dai' or 'freewheel'.

interface Ads {
    currentAdBreak: null | AdBreak;
    currentAds: Ad[];
    dai?: GoogleDAI;
    playing: boolean;
    scheduledAdBreaks: AdBreak[];
    scheduledAds: Ad[];
    addEventListener<TType>(type, listener): void;
    registerServerSideIntegration(integrationId, integrationFactory): void;
    removeEventListener<TType>(type, listener): void;
    schedule(adDescription): void;
    skip(): void;

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currentAdBreak: null | AdBreak

The currently playing ad break.

currentAds: Ad[]

List of currently playing ads.

dai?: GoogleDAI

The Google DAI API.


- Only available with the feature 'google-dai'.

playing: boolean

Whether a linear ad is currently playing.

scheduledAdBreaks: AdBreak[]

List of ad breaks which still need to be played.

scheduledAds: Ad[]

List of ads which still need to be played.


  • Experimental

    Register a custom advertisement integration.

    This allows you to integrate with third-party advertisement providers, and have them report their ads and ad-related events through the THEOplayer Ads API.


    Returns void


    This API is experimental and is subject to change in any minor version of THEOplayer. Please consult with THEO Technologies before using this API.

  • Add an ad break request.


    • adDescription: AdDescription

      Describes the ad break to be scheduled.

    Returns void


    - Available since v2.18.0.
    - Prefer scheduling ad breaks up front through

  • Skip the current linear ad.

    Returns void


    - This will have no effect when the current linear ad is (not yet) skippable.