Interface AdDescription

Describes an ad break request.

interface AdDescription {
    integration?: string;
    replaceContent?: boolean;
    sources?: string | AdSource;
    timeOffset?: string | number;

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integration?: string

The integration of the ad, represented by a value from AdIntegrationKind or the identifier of a custom integration registered with Ads.registerServerSideIntegration.

Default Value


replaceContent?: boolean

Whether the ad replaces playback of the content.


- When the ad ends, the content will resume at the ad break's offset plus its duration.

Default Value

- true for live content,
- false for VOD content.

sources?: string | AdSource

A source which contains the location of ad resources to be scheduled.


- Important: This should not be an array of sources.
- VPAID support is limited to the 'google-ima' integration.
- Not specifying this property should only happen when using a third party ad integration that uses an other system of specifying which ads to schedule

timeOffset?: string | number

Offset after which the ad break will start.

Possible formats:
- A number for the offset in seconds.
- 'start' for a preroll.
- 'end' for a postroll.
- 'HH:MM:SS.mmm' for a timestamp in the playback window.
- A percentage string (XX%) for a proportion of the content duration.


- A timestamp which is not in the playback window will result in the ad break not being started.
- VMAP resources will ignore this value as they contain an internal offset.
- Since 2.18, numbers are supported for the Google IMA integration, since 2.21 other formats as well.

Default Value