Interface CachingTask

Represents a caching task.

interface CachingTask {
    bytes: number;
    bytesCached: number;
    cached: TimeRanges;
    duration: number;
    id: string;
    license: CachingTaskLicense;
    parameters: CachingTaskParameters;
    percentageCached: number;
    secondsCached: number;
    source: SourceDescription;
    status: CacheTaskStatus;
    addEventListener<TType>(type, listener): void;
    pause(): void;
    remove(): void;
    removeEventListener<TType>(type, listener): void;
    start(): void;

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bytes: number

The estimation of the amount this task will download and store, in bytes.


- Returns -1 if the estimate is not available yet.

bytesCached: number

The amount downloaded and stored, in bytes.

cached: TimeRanges

The time ranges cached.

duration: number

The requested cached duration of the media, in seconds.

id: string

The generated identifier for the task.

The API for license related queries and operations

The configuration of the task.

percentageCached: number

The percentage cached.

secondsCached: number

The duration cached, in seconds.

The media source associated with the task.

The current status of the task.


  • Pause caching the media.

    Returns void


    - A paused task can be resumed with CachingTask.start.

  • Remove the cached media.

    Returns void

  • Start caching the media.

    Returns void