Interface LatencyManager

The latency manager, used to control low-latency live playback.


This is only used for live playback.

interface LatencyManager {
    currentConfiguration: undefined | LatencyConfiguration;
    currentLatency: undefined | number;
    enabled: boolean;
    monitoringLivePlayback: boolean;


currentConfiguration: undefined | LatencyConfiguration

The current latency configuration for the current source, if available.


- The initial value will be based on BaseSource.latencyConfiguration
- If BaseSource.latencyConfiguration is not set, the player will determine the configuration for your live stream.
- The player might change the latency configuration based on playback events like stalls.

currentLatency: undefined | number

The current latency.


- Only available during live playback.

enabled: boolean

Whether the latency manager is enabled.


- Can only be enabled for live playback.

monitoringLivePlayback: boolean

Whether the latency manager is monitoring to stay within the live playback configuration.