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Version: 7.7.1

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In this section we will list all the frequently asked questions we received over the years.

For our customers with a support plan package, if you have additional questions or can't find your answer here please contact our Service Desk for further support.

πŸ“„οΈ Why does the currentTime seem off in my livestream & what can I do about it

THEOplayer has a currentTime property, which returns you the current playback position in the video (in seconds). For VOD this works as you would expect. If you have a video, let it play for 30 seconds and query the currentTime, the player will report 30 seconds. However, if you start watching a livestream and query the currentTime after 30 seconds, you won't get 30 seconds reported. Nor will you get the time that would have elapsed if you watched the segments in the most recent manifest file until the point where you queried the currentTime. This might seem odd, but there's a very good reason for this, which we'll explain in a bit, along with some workarounds if you do want to use one of the aforementioned definitions of currentTime in a live streaming context.

πŸ“„οΈ The provided video source is incompatible with the license for this player

The player throws this error when the source of the player is incompatible with the license. This occurs when the domain of the source is not in the list of source domains of the license. For example, when you have and as source domains, but you use a video stream (i.e. source) from, then the player will throw the above error because is not included in the source domains ( and

πŸ“„οΈ What does the error message β€œSomething went wrong determining the initial period of the provided MPEG-DASH stream” mean

This error, "Something went wrong determining the initial period of the provided MPEG-DASH stream", occurs whenever the player struggles to play a DASH stream due to problems determining the availability of the segments for that stream. The recommended solution for this is to make sure that the segments result available, based on the data provided in the manifest, at the time at which the manifest is requested.