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Version: 7.5.0

What is the collaboration between Azure Media Services and THEOplayer

Azure Media Services has a rich ecosystem of partners that provide their customers with the flexibility of choosing the best solution for their needs.

What is the collaboration about?

Azure Media Services supports all the popular streaming formats including Microsoft Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Azure Media Services also provides Microsoft Azure Media Player, a cross-platform HTML5 player framework that plays back content streamed from Azure Media Services.

With the collaboration with THEOplayer, customers now have an additional choice of using a proven and integrated fully HTML5-based player that can playback HLS or LL-HLS on all popular platforms without the need for any plug-ins.

How can I use THEOplayer with AMS?

Azure Media Services has set up a GitHub repository to help get users started. Here, users can insert the streaming URLs they get from the Microsoft Azure Management portal and see them in action. They can also find all the information on getting started with THEOplayer.