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Version: 7.5.0

Why did my subtitles stop working

This question is occasionally asked by developers who've configured the latest release of THEOplayer.

Before version 2.80

The most common reason on an older build why closed captions are no longer working is because the texttrackrendering feature isn't enabled. To verify whether this feature is enabled you can execute the query below.

var subsEnabled = THEOplayer.features.indexOf("texttrackrendering") > -1;

After version 2.80

Starting in THEOplayer version 2.80 the texttrackrendering feature is no longer an optional feature. It is instead part of the default build, and is always enabled.

Other frequent reasons:

  • A new stream is configured which does not list any subtitles in its manifest.
  • The subtitle file can't be retrieved. (e.g. 404)
  • There are CORS issues with the subtitle file.
  • The subtitle file is encoded in a non-compatible format.