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Version: 7.7.1

Deploying a test app on a Tizen emulator

We strongly recommend using a physical Tizen device. If this is not possible, using an emulator can be a back-up.

Set up

  • If you haven't done so, make sure to install the Tizen TV Emulator:
    • In Tizen Studio: Tools -> Package Manager -> Extension SDK -> TV Extensions 5.5
  • Create the emulator by pressing the "Create" button and following the steps.


  • In Tizen Studio, click right on the project (under Project Explorer). Pick either:
    • Run As -> Tizen Web Simulation Application
    • Debug As -> Tizen Application

Known limitations of emulators:

  • AVPlay is unavailable.
  • DRM is unavable due to no Content Decryption Module (CDM)
  • manifest.json permissions are ignored for emulators. Make sure to test on a physical device, as they are more strict.