2023 Ice london

We're going to ICE London! Are you?

February 7th - 9th 2023
London, England

Our experts Bart Snoeks and Peter Eykens are excited to share with you the latest development in real-time streaming for iGaming and in-play sports betting. 

  • DRM to protect your real-time sports streams, and to improve compliance for live dealer casino games

  • High quality of experience: no frame drops

  • Fast start-up times so that your viewers don’t have to wait to see the action, or participate in the game

  • Scalability: how to reach any audience size

  • Differences between streaming protocols: WebRTC, HESP, LL-HLS, LL-DASH, WebSocket


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Webinar Recording

How to achieve real-time streaming without sacrificing video quality & stability

Unlock THEO's latest iGaming webinar, where we go through the different approaches to achieve real-time streaming, without sacrificing video quality & stability for your players.

Hosted by: CEO - Steven Tielemans, CTO - Pieter-Jan Speelmans and Account & Partnership Director - Bart Snoeks

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