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Version: 7.6.0


Conviva is an analytics service. THEOplayer offers a connector which can be initialised depending upon the customer requirements for measuring all the solutions offered by Conviva (Video Analytics & Ads Analytics).

Please check out our guide on how to integrate the Conviva Connector for VideoAnalytics & AdsAnalytics.

Things to remember:

  • The Conviva connector has full support for Video and Ad Analytics offered by Conviva.

  • This connector can be maintained and managed by across teams as it is built using all public APIs of THEOplayer and Conviva. Any new updates or changes can be easily modified and customized as per customer requirements. (There is no dependency on the THEOplayer or Conviva library version)

  • More Information about Conviva Video Experience

  • More Information about Conviva Ad Insights