App.js Conf 2024

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May 22 - 24, 2024
Kraków, Poland

We're excited to be part of the App.js Conference!

At App.js Conf, we're diving deep into the world of React Native and Expo. We're happy to connect with the creators and maintainers of React Native and Expo, exchange insights, and  help mold the future of app development.

Don't miss the opportunity to book a meeting with our React Native video playback experts and discover how to easily bring a premium viewer quality of experience to your React Native OTT app.


Develop once, deploy many

Easily integrate THEOplayer into your React Native apps.

The THEOplayer React Native SDK is a high-performant solution that integrates seamlessly into any React Native project on web, Tizen, webOS, Android, Android TV, FireTV, iOS, tvOS, Xbox, VIZIO, RDK, and Hisense. Move fast, expand and maintain your React Native projects cross-platform.

Watch the VOD of the Webinar

Benefits of a commercial React Native video player vs DIY with open source

Willem De Saegher, Tom Van Laerhoven and William Van Haevre shared their experience on: 

  • The benefits of using a React Native video player.
  • Implementing the react-native-video open source library for a leading media & entertainment company.
  • Developing the THEOplayer React Native bridges for Web, Android and iOS.
  • Comparison between the two approaches: THEOplayer advanced React Native video player vs open source react-native video player.
  • How to choose the right approach for your use case.
Willem De Saegher
VP Global
Tom Van Laerhoven
Core Playback
William Van Haevre

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