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IBC Accelerator 2022
Cloud based live events, analytics and low latency protocols

Together with other leading companies, THEO is participating in the Accelerator Media Innovation Project "Cloud Based Live Events, Analytics and Low Latency Protocols". To demonstrate how professional live (sports) events, with multiple camera feeds, can deliver at scale with full visibility, including live IP signal ingest, standards conversion as well as assessing the potential to introduce low latency protocols.

Attend the presentation to get more insight about the complexities and capabilities for Broadcast quality live event delivery, leading longer term to a 'point and click' provisioning and deployment of resources to support Broadcast live events at scale.

All participating companies:
OBS, DAZN, BT Media & Broadcast, BBC, ITV, Warner Bros-Discovery , TV2, Paramount, AMD, Microsoft, Zixi, Net Insight, THEO Technologies, Native Waves, Media Kind, Grass Valley.