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May 23rd 2024
Stockholm, Sweden

Experience the future of streaming technology firsthand at Streaming Tech Sweden, where industry experts converge to inspire and innovate.  Join us for the insightful talk by our CTO, Pieter-Jan Speelmans, as he delves into the intricacies of "Navigating Ultra-Low Latency in Unstable Networks: A Case Study Exploration." 
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Navigating Ultra-Low Latency in Unstable Networks: A Case Study Exploration

Thursday, May 23   |   13:55 PM CET

Streaming Tech Sweden Talk

PJ_Yelllow-Background-01-01Pieter-Jan Speelmans l CTO @ THEOTechnologies

In the realm of ultra-low latency demands, navigating through unreliable networks presents formidable challenges. This talk delves into a compelling customer case featuring hundreds of locations interconnected via consumer networks, where real-time content display on large screens demands minimal latency. However, the network landscape introduces formidable hurdles such as latency jitter, packet loss, and more. This talk unpacks the profound impact of these network instabilities on WebRTC, while exploring innovative workarounds through SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) and an HESP-based solution leveraging HTTP/1.1. We'll also dissect the efficacy of these approaches and the comparison between HTTP/1.1 with HTTP/3 and QUIC protocols. Join us as we explore strategies to conquer latency barriers amidst network turbulence, offering valuable insights for the streaming tech community.

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