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Youbora Analytics Integration

Pre-integration for Youbora Analytics platform.

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Youbora Analytics Integration



This Add-On offers pre-integration with Youbora’s Analytics platform, so player events can easily be sent to Youbora’s platform directly from THEOplayer.

About Youbora

Youbora is a video analytics service and Business Intelligence platform for online video services, offering descriptive and predictive insights in real-time for video content. Youbora collects data about your viewers as they interact with your videos and more detail about them through your other connected marketing channels.

Youbora requires a custom JavaScript code snippet to be installed on each webpage and conversion event you want to track. This code snippet is responsible for collecting details about each user and the actions they are taking with your video, and parameters need to be configured within the code according to the parameters for each of your conversion events.