50 /mo.

The video player solution for small online video publishers.

10,000 Impressions / Month
+ €2.50 per extra 1k Impressions

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200 /mo.

The video player solution for industry professionals

100,000 Impressions / Month
+ €1.00 per extra 1k Impressions

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800 /mo.

The video player solution for industry leaders

Starting at 1,000,000 Impressions / Month
Billed annually

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Completely in HTML without Plugins


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Choose plan
Choose plan
HLS Streaming      
Video On Demand      
Live Streams      
Live with DVR Window      
MPEG-DASH Streaming      
Video On Demand      
Live Streams      
Live with DVR Window      
Mobile SDKs [ADD-ON]      
Android SDK       
iOS SDK      
360º/VR HTML5 [ADD-ON]      
360º playback (Live and VOD)      
VR playback (Live and VOD)      
Playback Features      
Slow Motion and High Speed Playback      
Playback Quality Selection      
Keyboard Shortcuts      
Preview Thumbnails      
Chromecast Support      
WebVTT Subtitles and Closed Captions      
CEA-608/708 Closed Captions      
TTML Subtitles      
Multiple Audio Track Support      
Frame Accurate Seeking      
Frame Accurate Clipping      
Metadata: Program-Date-Time      
Metadata: ID3 (Nielsen compliant)      
Discontinuities (VOD & Live HLS)      
Multi-Period (VOD & Live MPEG-DASH)      
Banners and Overlays      
VAST 3      
VPAID 2.0      
Google IMA      
Server-side insertion (Yospace)      
Social Sharing      
iframe Embeddable      
Content Protection      
HLS - AES-128 Encryption      
DASH - Widevine DRM      
DASH - PlayReady DRM      
HLS - FairPlay      
DASH - vudrm integration      
Customization and Integration      
Preview Posters      
Custom Branding      
Advanced CSS Skinning      
JavaScript API      
Customization Support      
Google Analytics Integration      
Nice People at Work    
E-mail Support      
Phone Call Support      
Integration Support      
Feature Requests      
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get support if I buy the Standard License?

Standard Licence users will get the same quality of support as Pro or Entreprise Licenses via e-mail. After logging your support questions in our ticketing system, a support engineer will get back to you via email as soon as possible.

Can I try THEOplayer?

Absolutely. We provide a free 14 day demo upon request. All you need to do is complete your details in the demo request form, and you will receive access to a free 14 day demo to experience THEOplayer first hand.

How does a THEOplayer demo work?

You can request a demo for any of our license plans. After you have registered via our demo request page, our team will be in touch to ensure the smooth set up of your demo account and to help with any questions you may have. The support team will be available throughout your 14 day demo period to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

What is an impression?

An impression is counted when a video or audio source is being played. When you pause, play or seek within the same video or audio source, this is counted as only one impression. As an example, if you start a video, pause the video and then resume again it is only considered one impression. If on the other hand you start a video and then refresh your browser it would be considered 2 impressions.

What happens if I exceed the limits of my plan?

In case you use more impressions than indicated in your license plan, an overage fee will be charged.