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Starter Package
€ 399/month
Deliver a fully-featured, performant and stable player with a first class support.
  • SDK for 10+ platforms
  • Broad DRM, ad insertion, and analytics support
  • Professional support plan included (€ 250,-)
  • Maximum 150k impressions per month (€ 149,-) *
Professional Package
€ 699/month
The full functionality of the most advanced video player in the world, easily accessible.
  • SDK for 10+ platforms
  • Broad DRM, ad insertion, and analytics support
  • Professional support plan included (€ 250,-)
  • Maximum 500k impressions per month ( € 449,-)*
Business Package
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A customized agreement fitting the needs of your video service, with discounted pricing options
  • 24x7 Enterprise Support
  • Architectural guidance
  • Volume discounts
  • Alternative pricing models possible

 When exceeding the maximum monthly amount of included impressions, an additional cost of € 1,10 per 1.000 impressions will be applied.


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  • Swisscomv2
  • CNNv2
  • Telenetv2
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  • Telia
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What do you get?

THEO is the world's leading Universal Video Player that enables hundreds of leading payTV and OTT service providers, broadcasters, and publishers worldwide to quickly bring a world-class consistent video playback experience to any device or platform. With both pricing models, you get access to the same high-end video player that is used by some of the world's largest video streaming services to stream to their millions of viewers.

The world's most advanced video player, built from the ground up to provide the best viewer experience.

Universal platform coverage on Web browsers, Mobile and Smart/Connected TVs.

Cutting edge features and proven playback technology, allowing your team to focus on their core activities.

Simple setup, with powerful APIs to deliver the experience you want efficiently.


THEOplayer Universal Video Player was built from the ground up, optimised for performance and stability. The below is a non-exhaustive list of platforms, contact us for others.

Need Support?


Comprehensive Documentation

THEO provides comprehensive Getting Started Guides, as well as step-by-step guides for Advanced Features, Add Ons, and API References to maximise your player. This is included in the Basic Support Plan, which all THEO users get free access to.

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Hands-on Expert Support

If you needs hands-on support by THEO, we offer a range of Launch Support Packages and Support Plans, which will allow you to enjoy 24/7 support before, during and after the launch of your service, and talk directly with our export engineers.


Planning and architectural guidance

If you have a lot of viewers or a challenging use case, perhaps spanning multiple platforms, a customised agreement may be the best option for you. You will receive architectural guidance and support, while also having the possibility to discuss discounted pricing, based on your impressions volume.


Business Package

Our Business Packages offers more flexibility for your particular use-case. We notice - especially with our larger customers - that a personalised approach is required, such as architectural guidance, alternative pricing models. 


Get in touch with our teams to review your case or get more information about our pricing.

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