Add Ons

We are continually updating and including new additions to our range of THEOplayer Add Ons.

Up Next

Notifies users of the next video that will be played.

ui up-next user-interface viewer-engagement
Up Next



Provides interfaces for configuring and displaying information about the next content to play as a bottom right bar on the player UI and as a panel at the end of the video, which includes a countdown timer.

Advantages of using this integration:

  • Assists with increasing the time a viewer is engaged with your content.
  • For a period of time customized by you, a smooth bottom right bar will offer the viewer new content to watch.
  • Additionally, a screen will be shown at the end of the video, with a customizable timer counting down until the next video is automatically played.


User Interface

Version Supported

From version 2.15.0 onward. Dependant on UI Add-On.