Streaming Media Account Director

Leuven, Belgium (Europe)
Full-time, Hybrid

Your role

We are looking for a software developer (senior 5+ years or medior 2+ years) who has experience in Android platform development to strengthen the Development team at THEO Technologies.

Being a cross-platform solution, the THEOplayer codebase is developed in a hybrid of TypeScript and native languages like Java, Kotlin and Swift.

You love the challenge of a technically complex product and believe that every technical challenge can be overcome by good architecture, clean code and teamwork.

You get the chance to share your knowledge with your colleagues and have the opportunity to learn from them.

All our engineers are both specialists in certain domains and generalists in our technology. We are a fast-growing company, which creates many opportunities to constantly evolve and grow in your role.

What you'll learn and do

  • As one of our specialists, you help design, develop and maintain the THEOplayer Android SDKs, available on Mobile, Set-top boxes and TV;
  • Contribute to a killer new full-native Android pipeline that supports ultra low latency (sub-second) playback
  • You keep up to date with the latest evolutions in Android development and ensure our solution remains the best for Android users, but you are also not afraid of developing hybrid solutions to achieve an optimal result;
  • You’re a vibrant part of our team of passionate developers. Depending on your level of experience, you get the opportunity to mentor juniors and work with other developers on certain critical domains;
  • Work together with product managers to analyze functional requirements and design, document and implement an appropriate solution;
  • Work together with your colleagues in different development teams to bring the quality of our solutions to a world-class level;
  • You work in an agile team. This means you should feel comfortable with working in short sprints, pair programming, daily standups, test-driven development, …

About THEO Technologies

THEO is a scale-up on a mission to change the way the world streams video over the internet. Our flagship product is THEOplayer which enables our customers to stream videos on all kinds of devices and platforms (Web, Android, iOS, Roku, ...). Chances are high you have used it already. Maybe watched a video on Vrt Nu, Yelo or CNN? That's all THEOplayer! It offers a variety of features like content protection, advertisements, analytics and so on.

Next to THEOplayer we work on the future of streaming with some innovative technologies like our own ultra low-latency streaming protocol HESP (High Efficiency Streaming Protocol). While making it an industry standard, we also offer it for end-users as a full streaming infrastructure  package on THEOLive.

In our industry it's not the big fish eating the small but the fast fish eating the slow. Therefore we have a bias for action with a culture that is built on high performance and self-development. We believe a great workplace is stunning colleagues working together and inspiring each other to learn and grow.

About you

  • Senior 5+ years (or Medior 2+ years) of experience as an Android software developer;
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT, Computer science or related field;
  • Experienced in common software engineering practices like version management, git, unit testing, code documentation, CI/CD, ...
  • Good knowledge of the Android framework, Java and Object-oriented design principles;
  • You’re a team player that knows when to work together and when to fly solo;
  • Tons of energy, passion, humor and enthusiasm;
  • Love the challenges and atmosphere of a young and fast-growing company;
  • You are able to identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms;
  • You challenge existing assumptions and legacy solutions, and suggest better approaches;
  • Experience in TypeScript and/or JavaScript development is an advantage;
  • Previous experience in working with Android Media Framework is an advantage, but not a requirement.

What we offer

  •  A versatile full-time job in the animated city Leuven.
  • An attractive salary with plenty of extra benefits.
  • Relaxed and fun atmosphere.
  • A stimulating working environment with stunning colleagues.
  • Personal development: a chance to grow and to develop your strengths while working with many bright minds.
  • Flexible hours and working from home.
  • Regular and fun team activities.

Beginning of your life at THEO

  • Interviews:

    • First: call with HR and your VP
    • Second call: technical discussion with one of your team members. (based on your experience and requirements of the role a short preliminary “homework” can be requested by the interviewer and the solution will be discussed during the call) 
    • Third call: making  an offer
  • Within the first month you will
    • Get up to speed on our architecture and learn about video streaming
    • Implement your first bugfix or a small feature
    • Have pairing sessions and do code reviews with your peers
    • Play foosball and Super Smash Bros with your colleagues
  • Within the first 3 months you will
    • Scope and implement new features that our customers love
    • Make improvements on how we test, review, and ship code to improve quality
    • Get familiar with our in-house multi-platform test setup that puts feature testing to the next level.
  • Within the first 6 months you will
    • Be the go-to person for several features you worked on
    • Be able to debug complex issues in a multi-platform environment
    • Have your own initiatives for improving the code base and come up with enhancements
    • Have fun on our company Hackathon
  • Within the first 12 months you will
    • Be able to scope, architect and build any feature we might want across multiple teams
    • Mentor new engineers joining the team
    • Have opportunity to lead your team and help them plan and deliver their work

Does this sound interesting to you?

Please send your resume and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you.