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HTML5 Ads with VAST, VMAP and VAID 2.0

With THEOplayer's additional integration with Server-Side Ad Replacement, HTML5 ads can be swapped dynamically to give a TV-like ad experience.


When the response contains a linear ad, it will be shown as a pre-roll advertisement before the video starts playing. After completion of the pre-roll, the content video will start to play automatically. A timer controlling how long the viewer must watch the ad before skipping can be changed in the configuration.


Mid-roll advertising resembles traditional TV commercials, and online advertisers claim it is better for three main reasons: The first reason is that it has increased accountability, the viewer is forced to watch it. The second is that it targets a more engaged user due to its on-demand format, you clicked on the link to see it. The last main reason is that it has a handy interactive component, you can take an action regarding the ad if you're interested. Again, it is possible to let the viewer skip over the commercial spot after several seconds. How long the viewer must watch can be changed in the configuration. In the example the mid-roll advertisement will start after 4 seconds.

Overlays and Banners

Non-linear or overlay ads are shown on top of the video. It is also possible to allow the user to close these ads by enabling the close button.

Companion Ads

Companion banners are ads surrounding the video player. For companion ads, there is support by specifying a companionRequest-handler. This allows you to choose where the companion ads should be displayed on your website. This allows you to better integrate companion ads with the layout of the page.
companion advertising

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Server-Side Ad Replacement

THEOplayer and dynamic ad insertion specialist Yospace have teamed up to open new revenue streams for online video providers. With dynamic ad insertion, targeted ads are swapped in and out of the content as it is delivered to the viewer. These advertisements are injected in the stream in a frame-accurate manner, giving viewers the television ad experience they are used to. The solution works both in HLS and MPEG-DASH environments. 

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