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Pay as You Go

Not ready for commitment? Need time to ramp up? We’ve got you covered. With our Pay As You Go offering, you don't need to worry about upfront cost or usage estimation - simply pay for what you use.

See the table below for our Tiered Pricing levels.

Impressions Per Month Cost Per Thousand Impressions
0 - 10k FREE TIER
10k - 100k USD $1.40
100k - 500k USD $1.33
500k - 1M USD $1.15
1M - 5M USD $0.98
> 5M USD $0.80

Free 10,000 Impressions per month, forever.

Get started with our multi-award winning THEOplayer solution on Web and Mobile platforms for free. In the Free Usage Tier, your first 10,000 impressions of each calendar month are on us. Forever. No questions asked.

Discounted Pricing

Discounted pricing is available for customers willing to commit to a minimum of 2M impressions per month, for 12 months or longer. Discounts vary based on commitment volume. Interested in signing up for discounted pricing? Please contact us.

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Pay As You Go Too Limiting?

Do you need a wider device coverage? Do you have a more complex deployment scenario? Or do you need dedicated support from our video streaming experts? Then purchasing a License is a better fit for you.


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