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As a startup, you can access #1 video player on the market for up to 75% off!

Best-in-class playback on every platform

The THEOplayer for Startups Program is designed to help startups accelerate time-to-market and save maintenance cost for their video playback solution.

Today, cross-platform video playback is table stakes. Viewers have grown accustomed to the seamless streaming experiences, irrespective of their chosen device. Instead of building your own video player based on open source and native video players, THEOplayer makes it easy deploy premium video playback experiences cross-platform, so that you can focus on strategic projects, aligning resources with initiatives that drive innovation and meet business objectives.

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The THEOplayer for Startups Program includes:

Eligibility criteria

We have 4 criteria for B2C media companies to qualify for the THEOplayer for Startups Program


years old or younger


Less than 10M EUR in revenue


employees or fewer


Less than 10M EUR in funding

  • *The THEOplayer for Startups program is only available for new THEOplayer customers.

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