Demo THEOplayer

Advertising with VAST 4.0; VMAP / VPAID 2.0 and Google IMA

THEOplayer comes with full support of VAST 4.0 and VPAID 2.0 support. We make it easy for you to engage your viewers and let them tailor their own ad experience.

Clickable, interactive overlays and banners
Skippable and smooth ads
Seamless ads on mobile & desktop

With our world-class adblock detection, we make sure your ads reach all users on all devices and platforms.

Play ads throughout your content

  • Pre-roll is an advertisement video displayed before your content starts. Afterward, your stream will start playing automatically.
  • Mid-roll resembles traditional TV commercials, with ads inserted throughout the video playback.
  • Post-roll ads will be shown after your content video ends playing.

Overlays and Banners Demo

Non-linear or overlay ads are shown on top of the video while your content remains playing.

Keep discovering what THEOplayer can bring

Many more features such as Server-Side Ad Insertion, 360/VR and our UI Skinning are demos waiting for you. 

Companion Ad

Companion ads are shown outside the video. They are mostly combined with an advertisement video or banner.



VPAID ads are interactive ad units that are displayed in the video player, allowing the advertiser to showcase more information. Click around in the ad to discover its full functionality.


Still wasting time debugging video playback problems?

Welcome to cutting-edge video, delivered efficiently and on any platform. We think you're going to like it.

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