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Going big screen with THEOplayer Chromecast connector

THEOplayer supports Chromecast session takeover (check our Chromecast Solutions page here). This means that when the user has selected a cast device and it is casting,  a new video will automatically take over the existing session. In this manner, the user is not prompted for a cast device again so the viewing experience is faster and smoother


Three types of behaviour are defined: 'auto', 'manual' and  'disabled'. You can also start a cast session without an actual THEOplayer instance by simply using the global API.

Global API

Auto behavior

When a cast session already exists, the player will automatically start casting when the play button is clicked. It is possible to start a session by clicking the cast button or using the global API.

Manual behavior

When a cast session exists the player will NOT automatically start casting. However, when the cast button is clicked and a session exists, the existing session is used and the user is not prompted with a dialog.

Disabled behavior

The player is unaffected by chromecast. Small note: currently chromecasting is only supported by Google Chrome.

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