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Picture in Picture

Play the video and scroll down to see this feature in practice.

Imagine you have a video on your website and you have a text that goes along with it. By using picture-in-picture you can make sure that your content remains visible even if the user scrolls down. It's up to you to decide how much of the player has to be hidden between modes.

Now you can always have your visitors in touch with your content, so they will never miss a moment. Maximize the impact of your content so your users get the best out of it.



Scroll down to see the PiP-feature in action.


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Many more features such as Server-Side Ad Insertion, 360/VR and our UI Skinning are demos waiting for you. 

Advertising tester - VAST, VPAID, VMAP

This advertisement tester allows you to preview ads in THEOplayer. Switch between VAST and VPAID ads with an ad position, or test your ads in VMAP, using the configuration panel at the right.


Up next

Get your viewers engaged with your content for longer. This feature allows viewers to interact with new related, and customised, content. For a customised period of time, a smooth bottom right bar will offer the viewer a new content to watch. Additionally, a screen will be shown at the end of the video, with a customisable timer counting down until the next video is automatically played. This way you will have the possibility to increase your impact per viewer and maximise your efforts.


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