Meet the video industry leader

Julien Signès from Synamedia

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Julien Signès, from Synamedia, stopped by to answer some questions with THEO’s Pieter Liefooghe at IBC Amsterdam 2019. Julien is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Video Network.

Synamedia’s clients include Pay TV operators and broadcasters who face many challenges as the industry moves to IP. These challenges include transitioning to the cloud and optimising their broadcast infrastructure in order to deliver OTT/IP streaming and hybrid services. The question remains: if Pay TV operators and broadcasters are to survive the transition to OTT they will need to compete - so how do they reinvent themselves?

Key takeaways:

  • Pay TV operators and broadcasters vs. the transition to OTT

  • The consumer’s role in the transition from traditional broadcast services to OTT

  • Maintaining quality and driving down latency post transition

Hear what Julien has to say on the important issues currently facing Pay TV operators and broadcasters, and the transition to OTT, in our video below.