What is the latency in 2018 depending on the streaming protocol?

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What latency is acceptable? After all, your viewers deserve to get their content as fast as possible. Typically glass-to-glass latency of 10 sec can be achieved using traditional HLS and DASH protocols with 2 sec segments. With Low Latency CMAF this can be reduced to 3 seconds.

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How does Chunked CMAF work

Chunked CMAF?

When live streaming, the media (video/audio) is sent in segments that are each a few seconds long. These segments can’t be shorter than 2 to 4 seconds. With low latency CMAF or chunked CMAF, the player can request segments before they are completed (chunks), showing the media files faster and, as such, reduce latency.

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Low latency, the foundation for interactivity

Social media have embraced interactive video over the past years. Instant reactions to live streams and synchronised comments immerse viewers into the content. Low latency is a key element to support interactivity with your content.

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