NAB 2022

Insights Overview

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NAB Insights 2022

Top-Notch video player on every Smart TV

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Expand your video services on Smart TVs today!


NAB Insights 2022

HTTP-based Video API for Real-Time Streaming At Scale

Live stream with sub-second latency to any number of viewers globally.


NAB Insights 2022

Low Latency Live Streaming

THEOplayer's proven LL-DASH, LL-HLS and HESP compatabilities are a true benchmark within the industry. Provide a seamless viewing / zapping experience through stable and reliable playback with optimized ABR.


NAB Insights 2022

THEOplayer 3.0

We’re thrilled to announce a major version bump to THEOplayer 3.0, which officially releases all the developments and improvements we’ve done in the past few months. This new version is backward compatible for general use. 

Experience the THEO solutions firsthand


NAB Insights 2022

React Native SDK

An Off-The-Shelf solution that meets all developers' expectations, allowing teams to move fast, expand and maintain cross-platforms apps easily to integrate in any React Native project on Web, Android, and iOS.


NAB Insights 2022

HESP - Camera to Screen in <1 Sec with HESP

High Efficiency Streaming Protocol delivering the most scaleable Ultra Low Latency, enabling top-notch live and interactive experiences with proven DRM compatibility.

Get started with the most scalable streaming API