Transparent usage-based pricing

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THEOlive flexible pricing model

Pay for what you use

Try for free

Try THEOlive for free with a 5-min limit and watermark.


Zero upfront cost, only pay for what you use.

Commitment discount

Discounts available for high-volume annual commitments.


Transparent usage-based pricing


$ 0.07/min
of video ingest duration

For each live stream, THEOlive will create multiple versions to optimize delivery to your viewers with varying network conditions.


8 Mbps - $0.0027/min

6 Mbps - $0.0020/min

4.5 Mbps - $0.0015/min

2.5 Mbps - $0.0008/min

1.5 Mbps - $0.0005/min

1 Mbps - $0.00035/min
of video delivered per viewer

THEOlive delivers high-quality real-time video to your viewers over optimized networks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which pricing plans do you offer?
THEOlive is offered as a pay-as-you-go model, so no pricing plans with minimum commitments. You pay per minute of video ingest and per minute of video delivered per viewer. Discounts are available for high-volume commitments. Note that the prices listed do not include VAT; this will be added on your invoice.
Is it possible to test THEOlive?
Yes, when you have signed up, there is $20 in free credits to get started with THEOlive
Which streaming protocol is leveraged to achieve sub-second latency?

THEOlive leverages HESP for scalable ultra-low latency streaming. End-to-end latencies are typically below one second. Various factors can have an impact on the end-to-end latency, such as the location of the streamer who sends the live stream to THEOlive and the location of the viewer watching the stream.

Is it possible to bring my own player?

No, a premium player is included in THEOlive, which can be easily embedded into your application. At the moment, we support Web platforms: PC, Android and iOS Safari. Support for additional platforms will be added gradually.

Want to start streaming to your viewers in real-time?

Our team is standing by to discuss your requirements and deliver a demo of our real-time streaming solution.