Announcement: THEO's HESP is now an IETF Specification

THEO's High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) has been made available as a draft informational via the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). This significant milestone was achieved through works done by the HESP Alliance working groups, essentially describing the first version of this protocol in detail.

HESP is a paradigm-shifting protocol for OTT video delivery, outperforming other video streaming technologies, to deliver upon the increasing demands of viewers and video services in this rapidly changing world. The specification contains information on how to create and deliver HESP streams to OTT devices. It covers the HESP basic concepts such as its minimalistic manifest and the use of two streams: the initialisation and continuation stream. HESP brings sub-second latency at scale over standard Internet infrastructure for real "high efficiency streaming” by video services. Furthermore, it brings additional advantages such as very fast zapping times, as low as 100ms, and improved ABR to viewers.

Although a specification was already for HESP Alliance members, this IETF informational specification further elaborates on certain topics such as DRM, and hence further eases implementation. This specification will also allow for all industry vendors and media companies who want to evaluate HESP to provide feedback to THEO and HESP Alliance.

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