Telenet and THEOplayer: beyond the customer case

Telenet, the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium, has opened its Head Quarters doors in Mechelen and offered us a great time talking about our collaboration. We had the chance to talk with Dann Rogge, VP Product & Customer Journey Management, and Bart de Vleeschauwer, Manager, TV Engineering Strategy & Architecture at Telenet about their experience as customers of us. The best way to get a review on a product is hearing their customers’ thoughts.

Innovation Division of Liberty Global Group

Telenet and THEOplayer are jointly painting the Belgian market in yellow with their common values and innovative solutions. In this video, you will discover why the largest Telco in Belgium and Head of Innovation of Liberty Global Group chose THEOplayer, the best Online Video Player Solution, to deliver their content all over the world.

Click on the play button and get to know this 3 years-relationship between THEOplayer and Telenet.


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Telenet and THEOplayer video experience

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