The true value of a partnership with THEOplayer

THEOplayer and Vualto – recipe for successful collaboration

The unfolding of THEOplayer’s success

Vualto, a global specialist in end-to-end video streaming and management, has been a loyal partner since the inception of THEOplayer. Vualto specializes in the design, deployment and management of end-to-end video streaming and DRM solutions for leading broadcasters and content owners across EMEA and beyond.

The partnership materialised 2 years ago, when Vualto was evaluating a new video player to complement their video delivery proposition. The key criteria were holistic coverage across devices and operating systems without the requirement of plug-ins. Our technology fitted their needs, as we were totally prepared to provide the highest video streaming quality to meet their expectations. This was the beginning of a successful partnership.

Partnership between THEOplayer and Vualto

Since then, the partnership between THEOplayer and Vualto has reaped rewards in all categories of business. Our collaboration extends from SMBs to Enterprises, from the Private sector to the Public sector. The growing list of successful projects includes France Télévisions, VRT (Belgian Broadcaster), National Assembly of Mauritius, Scottish Parliament…

We are delighted to be working with THEOplayer. With them we have been able to enhance our services and successfully deliver a number of key projects to our high profile clients. Camilla Young (Vualto CEO/Co-Founder).

To further propel the value proposition to partners like Vualto, THEOplayer is further expanding the scope of player technology. The recent release of the THEOplayer extends the HTML5 player capabilities into device-specific SDKs and an increasing array of peripheral services such as 360/VR and Server Side Ad Insert (SSAI).

Going above and beyond for our customers

We recently created the “THEOplayer Partner Success Team” to allow partners to gain easy access to both technology, support and know-how.  So, while trust is the foundation of a successful partnership, the high level of service, support and customer success is our differentiator in maintaining a long-term relationship.

Our THEOplayer team is ready to guide you through all your challenges. Please feel free to contact us and offer your viewers a world class video playback experience.

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