THEOplayer 5.0 is here!

We're excited to announce that THEOplayer 5.0 is now available! This new version marks the official rollout of all the developments and improvements we've accomplished over the past few months. 

Discover the following new features:



Discover our new iOS SDK! It brings faster response times, has smoother video playback on older devices, and allows you to work with a modular approach for features, to optimize the file size of your THEOplayer SDK. More information on features already available and planned next steps can be found in our documentation.

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New User Interfaces

It’s finally here: a fully customizable UI for THEOplayer! No need to build a UI yourself - save time and money by starting from the open source THEOplayer UI for Web (Github), Android (Github) and React Native (Github), and tailor it for your use case. Keep an eye open for the new iOS UI next quarter!

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New Android SDK 

Wait a sec! Wasn't this released already? Yes, but since we've introduced the new Android SDK - built from the ground up for high performance - we've worked hard on adding extra features and connectors e.g. support for Google DAI, Media Sessions and Conviva. This new Android SDK will now become the default Android SDK. More information can be found in our documentation.

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Additional React Native SDK features

We’ve further expanded our React Native support for Web, Android and iOS-based platforms, through bridging items such as casting, Picture-in-Picture, background audio, DRM connectors and analytics connectors, for Conviva, Nielsen, Adobe Experience and Comscore. Check our Github and the react-native-THEOplayer v2 migration guide for more information.

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