THEOplayer Joins Wowza Media Systems Technology Alliance Partner Program

THEOplayer recently joined the Wowza® Media Systems Technology Alliance partner program. Wowza Media Systems (“Wowza”) is well known for its Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software that enables powerful video streaming.

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One of the challenges in today’s market is to efficiently bring online video content to all the different popular consumer devices and platforms. The expectation of consumers is that, whatever their device, if they want to watch a video, it just has to play successfully. Ensuring consistent playback of streaming video on all devices and platforms in today’s market is a big technical challenge to broadcasters.

THEOplayer can be used by broadcasters as playback solution to easily stream their content to all popular platforms with the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. This is possible without the need for viewers to install any third-party plug-ins such as Flash, Silverlight or QuickTime. THEOplayer is the first fully HTML5 video player for adaptive streaming of online video content with support for all popular platforms.

THEOplayer is the one video player that simply works on all popular platforms with a single adaptive streaming protocol. Broadcasters and content publishers of online video can all benefit from THEOplayer to simplify their streaming infrastructure and bring their online video content more easily to all popular consumer devices and platforms. There is no longer any need to broadcast content in different formats and maintain different playback solutions. Video content in a single format, broadcast to all popular platforms, with a single player. That is how easy THEOplayer makes it for broadcasters.

We are excited to be able to work together with Wowza, one of the world's leading streaming technology providers. The Wowza Technology Alliance program supports our strategy to team up with the best industry partners for delivering the best solution and customer experience for online video streaming, said Steven Tielemans, CEO of THEOplayer. Both THEOplayer and Wowza have similar objectives, to reduce the complexity for delivery of streaming video to all popular devices and platforms. This partner program helps us guarantee that THEOplayer, our video player for the web, and Wowza Streaming Engine™ software are compatible and can easily be used together, so that broadcasters can take full advantage of the combination of both products to simplify their streaming infrastructure.

By adding THEOplayer to the Wowza Technology Alliance program, we are providing more options for customers who want to stream to any device by providing a proven, integrated solution, said David Stubenvoll, CEO and Co-founder of Wowza Media Systems. We’re delighted to have THEOplayer as a Technology Alliance program member, and we look forward to continued integration.

Wowza” and Wowza Streaming Engine are trademarks of Wowza Media Systems, LLC.

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THEOplayer meets Wowza

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