THEOplayer meets Vivaldi, a new browser for the web

Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and some more search pages. Who does not know the feeling? Too many tabs open, losing sight of what you were actually browsing for and in the end you still don’t find the information you wanted. Vivaldi promises to solve this and more issues through powerful and personal design. With THEOplayer and Vivaldi now being compatible, smooth video streaming within a clear and fast environment without any plugin is guaranteed as well.

The story

Vivaldi browser logoA browser for our friends” – That is how Vivaldi Technologies calls their 2015-launched freeware web browser. The company was founded by Opera co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. It started off as a virtual community aiming to replace My Opera that went offline in March 2014. Von Tetzchner and Tomita decided to develop their own browser that would pick up some of the old Opera features complemented with a wide range of innovations and novelties. Their browser is basically intended for technologists, power users and former Opera users. The name is based on the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi which is easy to remember and known worldwide.

The new browser clearly differs from standards in Chrome and other popular browsers by focusing on high customization through web technology such as HTML5, Node.js and React.js.

Want more information or become part of the Vivaldi community? Check out all features and capabilities on

Vivaldi browser interface

The interface

Its purpose is likewise reflected in the browser’s interface which is very minimalistic, simple through basic icons and fonts but at the same time highly customizable. The color scheme, for instance, changes with the web page. Users can even adjust UI elements such as background color to their preferences.


Some features

  • Quick commands: Control everything you do just with your keyboard and even create your own shortcuts.
  • Tab stacks and styling: Organize your tabs and stack them into different tab groups.
  • Write notes.
  • Modern web technologies.

THEOplayer meets Vivaldi

Combined with THEOplayer, Vivaldi users will now be able to fully enjoy online streaming in HTML5 without any plugin such as Flash or Silverlight and take their video experience to a higher level. Now they can benefit from a wide range of streaming video content from many different publishers in a safe environment.

Likewise, online video publishers get the chance to stream their HLS or MPEG-Dash content in HTML5 on the new web browser without any plugin and reach a very targeted group of power users. THEOplayer’s Vivaldi-support is available both for Mac and Windows users.

"We are very excited to see THEOplayer’s added support for Vivaldi.  We continue to develop Vivaldi to be the browser of choice for millions of people around the world. The growing 3rd party developer support for Vivaldi as THEOplayer offers is very encouraging.”

- Tatsuki Tomita, COO and Co-founder of Vivaldi.

Learn more about THEOplayer and streaming in HTML5. Do you already have more specific questions about THEOplayer or the new browser support? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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